How to market your Law Firm on the Internet

Updated on Tuesday 04th June 2019

How to market your Law Firm on the Internet Image
After over 10 years of marketing different law firms from 60 countries I can say that the Internet is rapidly becoming the most important way to market legal services for both bigger and smaller practices, but for different reasons:

a) bigger law firms use the web to promote a certain company image and to retain existing clients (keep them from migrating to the competition;

b) smaller practices use the net to recruit new clients (a much more “spectacular” purpose since it can very quickly be quantified).

ClientPedia has an important number of small and medium-sized law firms, consultants and accounting firms throughout the world for which we have brought in numerous new clients and new client leads and of course increase your revenue.

STEP 1 – Establish Your Law Firm’s Niche

One can safely say that the most important step in a plan is always the first one simply because if you get this one wrong your entire strategy will push you in a wrong (and costly) direction.

Establishing your law firm’s niche is actually a synonym for understanding your business goal, especially if your practice is just starting out or if you are expanding to the areas of your law firms.

Let’s say for instance you are just starting out with your law firm and you are prospecting commercial law as one of the areas of expertise you would be interested in. In this case you will need to concentrate on this area specifically, provide niche content and concentrate your efforts on promoting to the right type of clients. It’s a very common mistake to advertise incorrectly on the web: for instance advertising on a forum specializing in some other area or trying to reach the wrong clientele.

STEP 2 – Publishing and Marketing Correctly

Remember 2 things: 1) Your law firm is a product;

2) Always put yourself in the shoes of the client.

What does the first statement mean? Well it means that you have to market your product as best as possible and make it stand out from the competition. Let’s say your law firm provides company formation services: you will have to show to the client that your package is the best, the most complete, the quickest, most cost-efficient, provided by the best specialists etc. It doesn’t have to be all of these; just part of them will make your product be competitive.

What does the 2nd statement mean? It means that you will have to view yourself/your company from the client’s eyes. This includes: content, graphics, description of your legal team or legal services and anything else that could influence the client to make a choice. Why would a client choose your law firm over your competition?

- To be continued -