Rent a Website

Updated on Wednesday 05th June 2019

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There are many entrepreneurs/business owners out there that understand the potential of the internet for attracting new customers but do not have the knowledge, time or money to invest in this type of project. That’s where we come in! We will review your project, analyze your market and competition and come up with a plan to get you on top of your competition on the web. Our readymade solutions and highly personalized for each customer, however might include the following:
1) Purchasing one or more domain names for your business and designing a website;
2) Purchasing and setting up of a blog to interact with your customers;
3) Setting up Social Media Accounts;
4) Creating personalized content.
5) Creating an online strategy that will bring you more business.

The benefits of a readymade package

- Immediate results!
- FREE initial analysis and conception of strategy;
- No knowledge, time or money required from your part to purchase domain names, create websites or set up blogs/social media accounts. We take care of everything;
- Only monthly fee required for our services. If our methods do not work you can stop our collaboration at any time;
-  All you have to handle is interaction with new clients
- NO Risk!
Readymade Solution FAQ:
- Do I have to pay anything upfront?
No. We will analyze your business idea and see if it’s viable for the Web. And this is free! If we believe we can bring you more clients we will then propose a financial arrangement.
- What is the first step to take?
Write to us and explain in as much detail as possible the type of business you activate in. If you have any type of online presence, please mention as this will help us perform the initial analysis.
- Are there any risks?
Risks are minimal as we offer monthly subscriptions and initial free trials. If you are not happy with our results you can at any time cancel your subscription.