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Updated on Wednesday 09th December 2020

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In a world where almost every business owner has a website to promote a company, a service, or a product, a web designer, or a web design agency who can create the website is essential. The UK is no exception to this world, where the Internet plays a major role and which brings benefits to both business owners and clients, which is why we propose tailored web design services in London.

Our web design team in London has years of experience which has helped them so far to meet very high expectations and deliver nothing but outstanding websites that matched our clients’ requirements. Furthermore, we offer integrated solutions which also imply web development in London.

Web design – what does it imply and why is it important for a business?

Web design is the actual part where a website is created. It implies gathering all the ideas of the client, matching them with the purpose of the website to be created, and starting to put together all the elements which will lead to a functional, user-friendly, and responsive website.

Our web design services in London could be seen as the first part of creating the story of your business, in case you have a new company or an extension of your existing business on the Internet.

Once the website design part is completed, we can help with web development services in London.

Types of websites we can create

There are several types of websites that can be created, and this should be established from the beginning during the initial talk with the client. Our web design agency in London has a vast experience in creating all sorts of websites, and among these e-commerce websites which are increasingly popular, blog-type websites and corporate sites. Each site will have its unique features and will comprise the elements sought by the future owner. Additionally, we can offer logo creation services to add a unique touch.

If you want to have a website created but haven’t decided on how it should like yet, our web designers in London can help you. We can work together on the main features, color themes, fonts, and even content that you want on it, as we also offer content writing services.

The main elements of web design 

Our web design company in London can help you have an easy to understand and responsive website by combining the following elements:
  1. the layout of the website which will comprise the arrangement of the graphics and text in a way that is easy to find;
  2. the color or colors of the brand or preferences of the business owner and our web designers can help you choose them in accordance with the message you want to convey;
  3. the graphics of the website which implies the creation of logos, icons and other elements which must appear on the website and their integration on the interface;
  4. the fonts which need to be easy to read and which must be properly read by web browsers, our web design company in London will make sure of that;
  5. the content is the last part of web design and implies putting the message into words that are easy to read, understand, and most of all, relevant to what the user expects.

Considering most business owners with websites choose to launch applications that ease the interaction with their clients, we also have a team of app developers in London you can work with.

User-friendly and responsive web design services in London

Two of the most important characteristics a website must have are responsivity and user-friendliness and this can be obtained with the help of our web design team in London. In order to create a user-friendly website, our team will make sure that:
  • the navigation on the website is easy by creating site architecture, the menus, and the tools in a way that users will find easy to employ;
  • the design of the webpages is compatible with most of the browsers and operating systems so that a large number of users can access it;
  • the website is dynamic and interactive, so users will come back with pleasure and certainty that they have found what they were looking for;
  • the website relies on the latest technology which helps a business owner to have a fresh and updated website all the time.

If you are interested in our web design services in London, we kindly invite you to discuss with our team who will provide you with information on the latest trends in website design and the ways in which you can implement them for your business.

Web design and user experience

One of the most important aspects a web designer needs to take care of while creating a website for a UK company is the experience the user will have at the first contact. If until not long ago most of the web design services in London addressed desktop users, now, mobile web design has conquered an important niche of the entire web development and design sector.

As mentioned above, user experience when entering a website is one of the most important concerns of business owners which is why our web designers do their best to create engaging websites, but most of all, websites that offer a great experience and feeling to those accessing them.

When working on the design of a website, our specialists will consider the following:
  • the colors of the website which must correctly combine so that they do not tire the user;
  • the fonts of the content which must not be too large or too small, but must be easy to read;
  • the images which must visually describe the activity or products presented on the website;
  • the layout must be organized in a way that information is easy to find and well-structured.

If you want to have a well-organized website, with the help of our web design services in London, all the important elements of your website can be implemented in a way that symbolizes your intentions. Moreover, we can also help you with logo creation in order to create a brand for your company if you are a business person seeking to promote a newly established enterprise.

Our web design services in London are also presented in the scheme below:
Our web design services

Adaptive web design services in London


Another important quality that should be found on a website is adaptivity which must make a website work on all types of devices. As we mentioned earlier, many users access the internet from mobile devices, among which phones and tablets are preferred by users in the UK. This is why a website must be adapted to all these devices, meaning that they must adjust to all screen sizes.

 The layout of the website must be preserved as much as possible, meaning that it cannot change dramatically based on the devices the website is accessed from. This will help with user trust and engagement. This is why when having a website created, it is best to work with specialized web designers and let them know from the beginning the types of devices you want your website to be adapted to.

Our specialists have acquired various skills during their activity in the past years which is why our web design services in London are adjusted to the latest trends in the website creation industry.


How can a web design agency help?


The creation of a website seems quite easy with all the available tools and programs which can be used by individuals interested in creating their own websites. However, when working with a web design agency in London, not only are the results much better, but there is also the guarantee that if anything happens, one will have professionals to fix the issue. Moreover, a web design agency would never release a website without ensuring it is fully functional.

Our web design company in London has been on the market for years now and has helped small and medium-sized companies with various challenges when it comes to the creation of interactive and innovative websites.


Key elements for a successful website 

The last few years have been quite remarkable for the website design scene of the world as it implied innovation and the integration of technology on websites. According to our web design specialists in London, clients can use 3-D illustration, logos, various fonts, and diverse stylings which increase the visibility of a website, which is exactly what business owners need and seek.

By working with our web design company in London, you can have all that and more. We can integrate your ideas into a website that inspires clients to return while attracting new ones.
If you haven’t decided to have a website created yet, here are a few statistics which could convince you:
  • in the UK, 75% trusts companies which have responsive websites, or better said a website will increase a business’ client database;
  • 59% of UK Internet users prefer beautifully crafted websites, and we can help you here;
  • 86% of the users in the UK search for product and services information on websites;
  • a user can form an impression on a website in less than 1 second, more precisely in 0.05 seconds.

If you need web design services in London, our web designers can help you have the website your business deserves.

The steps of creating a website

The creation of a website for a UK company comprises several steps which are established after a discussion with the client. So, the web design phase is merely a “cog” in a more complex process. However, it is one of the important steps in the website development procedure, as it lays the grounds for how the website will look like.

When thinking about the design of a website, our specialists will:

  • have a thorough discussion with the client during which all the elements of the website, including how it should look like will be determined;
  • a sketch and the concept will be created and presented to the client in order to establish if we are on the right way;
  • then, the actual design of the site will begin, and updates will be presented to the client after important phases;
  • the web development process will then start and once completed, the site will be ready to test and be released.

Usually, our web designers in London will work closely with our web developers as this is a process that needs to imply several members of the team. While the web design team will handle the creative part of the website, the web development team will be in charge of bringing the site to life.

Our web design agency in London is made of specialists in various fields in order to offer complete solutions to clients. Among the services we offer are also SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), and paid advertising services on various platforms.

Planning the web design process 

Most clients will have their own ideas about how the website should look like, which will ease our web designers’ work, however, we will still have to analyze the goals and the target audience of the website in order to know the elements that should appear on the pages. Considering that there are various types of websites that we can design, we will need to know from the beginning the type of website the client wants in order to start as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about our web design services in London, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.


Designing the layout of a website

The first element to be designed on a website is the layout. This is the most important part, as it will contain the actual look of it. The layout refers to the categories and information and how easy they are to find on a website. For this, our web designers can create suggestive categories that can use different colors. However, in most cases, our designers recommend simplicity in order for the user not to find it difficult to navigate the website. An interesting fact that clients should know is that it takes only a few seconds for a potential customer to decide whether that is the website they are interested in or not. This means that the heavier and more complicated the look of the site, the quicker the visitor to leave it.

According to our web designers in London, a good web design should meet the following requirements:
  • intuitive and easy to use;
  • simple, yet eye-catching;
  • quick to access;
  • quality content;
  • appealing features.

Another important feature that should be found on any website nowadays is for it to be adapted to mobile devices. While some owners will prefer designated applications, we remind them that most UK users prefer to access the internet from their mobile phones and tablets. Our web designers can create websites with adaptive features, meaning that the layout can move and change its size in accordance with the size of the screen it was accessed from.

Our web design agency in London can respond with tailored services to all types of clients by meeting every request. If you have an idea about a website, all you need to do is presented to our web designers who will do their best to create it exactly the way you want.

Tailored web design services in London

If you want to have a website created but don’t have an idea of what it should look like or how to combine elements in order for them to look appealing, our web design agency can help you. Also, if you have a business idea and don’t know how to present it with the help of a website, let our web designers in London help you.

All our web design services in London are based on our clients’ requests and vision, however, we can also adapt to changes they want to make along the way. To us, every client is unique, therefore the website we design and develop for them are the same.

If you are interested in customized web design services, our team in London can offer dedicated solutions in accordance with your requirements.

We can also help with mobile web design and app creation for those interested in this niche, as according to Statista.com, mobile e-commerce has developed quite massively at a global level starting with 2016, and by 2021, the numbers are expected to grow further. If in 2016, the global revenue from e-commerce sales was 967 million USD, in 2020 it is expected to 2,910 million USD, while in 2021 the increase is projected to jump to 3,556 million USD.

No matter the type of web design services you need, our designers in London can come up with very interesting and modern ideas. You can also watch our video below:


Why choose our web design services in London?


Having an engaging, user-friendly, and responsive website is essential for any business nowadays. If you are looking for outstanding web design services in LondonClientpedia is your solution. Our team is formed by experienced web designers in London who have built numerous websites for clients who activate in various industries, from accounting to medical tourism. Have a look at our portfolio to see the websites we have created so far!

Before we start our work on a new project, we like to understand the industry our client activates in, his/her target audience, and his/her business objectives in order to build a successful website. From visuals to functionality, our team of web designers and web developers in London will handle your project by paying attention to the smallest detail. 

 If you need a website, please send us a detailed email about your project and our team will reply with a personalized offer as fast as possible.